CBRE 2016 APAC Market Outlook

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    2016 Real Estate Market Outlook Series
    Case Study
    2016 marks the second year for the flagship Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook series — complete with report releases, infographics and events. As APAC's head of design, I created the concept and led direction / implementation for the project.
    Ultimately, the clean editorial design was used globally as a template for 2016's Global Market Outlook, adopted in the United States and across EMEA.
  • Asia Pacific 2016 Real Estate Market Outlook Report

    This is the output vehicle published regionally in Asia Pacific, as well as locally by country. The cover image incorporated CBRE's latest branding, as well as a skyline including landmarks from each city hosting an event in 2016.
  • Market Outlook Report Localization
    The Market Outlook report was templated and left to populate by local teams. The strong partnership between research and design/marketing ensured consitency and required final sign-offs before publishing.
  • Asia Pacific 2016 Real Estate Market Outlook Infographic
    To accompany the report, an infographic was created to summarize key points by business sector. This was customized by several APAC countries — sometimes even filling-in for the full report.
  • Market Outlook Event Website and Report Repository

    Online news channels and social media featured content from the Market Outlook series. Therefore, a singular online destination on was developed. The page featured a fully-responsive design and easy viewing on mobile/tablet devices.
  • Asia Pacific 2016 Real Estate Market Outlook Events
    To accompany the report, several cities in Asia Pacific hosted events with local & regional research teams, MDs and CEOs to present the thought leadership to clients. 2015 had seen only 3 host cities, and 2016 saw 10+ — from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong down to Sydney and Melbourne in Pacific.
  • WeChat, Interactive Signage
    It was crucial that the creative direction was carried through all events and materials — including interactive tools during Q&As and WeChat specific conversations in China.