Way-finding in College Building

  • Currently, RISD’s College Building is difficult to navigate. It is a building that houses a majority of Liberal Arts Classes and Faculty Offices. It is set on a hill with three main entrances: Benefit Street, College Street and South Main Street.

    The confusion originates from the organization of building, not only in its numbering system for the rooms but more so on the split-floor nature of the building. It is worsen by the lack of clear signage of the building.

    Therefore, a legend of the building’s important rooms should be placed in the center of the space. The main strategy is to color code each floor and make navigating the split-floor rooms easier and clearer.
  • There needs a unifying element to re-brand the College Building. The place to do so is at the bathrooms cores adjacent to the elevator and main staircase. The building legend shows minimal information, only the important rooms: restrooms and main offices in relationship to the location of the building sectionally.