Sing Chronos City Series

  • Series of bird paintings created during residence in Hong Kong. All were painted with oil and measure 18x24".
    Sing - birdsong connecting the space we share
    Chronos - the vast relationship between history and the present moment
    City - urban life and my experience living in Hong Kong
    The unexpected confluence of events that brought me to the far East. Synchronicity.
    Featured on This Is Colossal
    Selected prints available 
  • Brink of Discovery
  • Uncertainty Principle
  • Firestarter
  • Binary Ode
  • Novalis Gallery, Hong Kong
  • Novalis Gallery, Hong Kong
  • Direct Assent
  • The Only Way Forward is Up
  • The Shrouded Memory & The Lucid Dream
  • Featured in XYZ, the Rhode Island School of Design alumni magazine
  • Exhibited at The Society of Illustrators, New York City