West Coast Desert Duck Boot

  • The classic style of duck boots is well known on the east coast, especially during the winter. The use of two materials in these boots gives each part a distinct function. I was fascinated by this and tried to imagine what it could look like in a desert environment instead of snowy winters. Over all the design was intended to be comfortable, durable, and easy to use.

    Made from Veg tan leather, canvas, and canvas rope. The leather is wet molded to keep its shape but allow for easy break in. It is flesh side out instead of skin side to allow for minimal material use (because there is no need for a second layer of lining). The laces are attached at the back and feed through the loop multiple times for a easy, relaxed way of tying these boots. The bellows tongue makes these laces possible without compromising fit or comfort.  

  • Below are some images of a single shoe made to explore the properties of using canvas for a whole shoe, which came before the boot deisgn and creation. 
  • Photos taken by Benjamin Walker Hunt https://www.behance.net/bottops​
    Featured on ConceptKicks, Yanko Design, HYPEBEAST, and Highsnobity.