Cloud Gazing -- Sophie Gibson

  • Sophie Gibson | 2017 | Illustration & History
    Cloud Gazing
    I was inspired to make these pieces after taking a ceramic slip casting class, during which I learned how to work with plaster and became acquainted with various mold-making processes. Sometimes I felt that the molds I created for that class appeared more beautiful than the pieces they were intended to produce. I enjoy the speed with which plaster allows my loosely sculpted ideas to take durable, concrete form. I like that I can sculpt away at a wiggly plasticine landscape, stop and pour a coat of plaster over that landscape when it comes to an interesting point, and then thirty minutes later remove that hardened plaster and keep on sculpting. In this way, the landscape I am creating can continue morphing and evolving, but I have these plaster fossils of its earlier iterations. My process here has no set goal, but it has taken me in a variety of directions. I have tried painting these forms, carving into them, filming them as light passes over them, staining them with shellac, etc. This exploration has opened up new creative possibilities for me.