Forest Fire -- Priscilla Ahn

  • Priscilla Ahn | 2017 | Sculpture & Earth Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Forest Fire
    Mixed Media
    I’m often drawn to cheap, easily manipulated, basic materials and supplies like cardboard, pencils, tape, or shopping bags. Through experimentation, I chanced on Fluffy Stuff (polyester stuffing) and paint. With nothing particular in mind, I would shred, dip, form, dry, pin, and rearrange based on what felt “good”/”right” or less “bad”/”wrong”. Pieces that didn’t work would be saved in a pile for rediscovery. As the collage grew, I decided to use a still life of a smoky fire as a means to an end (an end I’m still figuring out); it would, for example, be no different if the smoke was mistaken for clouds.