• User Interface Final | Fall 2015
    For this project, my group attempted to tackle the problem of scheduling meetings. We wanted to create an app design where it would require the least amount of manual updates and wrangling of responses. Our idea is an integrated calendar app that compiles responses and chooses the best time for all the group members without all the email chains, or the need for everyone to know everyone else's schedules. And thus, Tally was born.
  • Tally doubles as a calendar app so that you don't have to constantly fill out the same information (like When2Meet or Doodle polls). It knows all your events, streamlining the response process by eliminating the need to check external calendar sources.
  • In the creation phase, the user (or host) would choose the days they want Tally to find a meeting spot in. Then, Tally shows the host their availability for those days, already autofilled (in dark gray) for conflicts by checking their calendar. At this stage, the host is also able to add additional edits (in light gray) before the app sends out the host's request for other invitees to do the same.
  • After the host sends out the request, Tally will use the information from everyone's calendars to compile potential meeting times. The invitees will go to their pending events page and confirm if the chosen times work for them or not. They are able to "tear off" the ones that they have conflicts in, sending in the final confirmation for Tally to sort through. Once everyone has responded, Tally will choose the best time for everyone, notifying all those involved with the option of adding the event to everyone's calendars.