• Delve Identity

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    Delve is a fictitious design research firm that uses cognitive science and behavioral economics research to deliver evidence-based design solutions.

    I chose to create a brand for delve in order to explore ways to communicate the value of science and design to people who aren’t familiar with the value of each field.
  • introduction to the firm
  • logo usage
  • stationary set
  • stationary set
    mockup downloaded from inspirationhut.net
  • poster mockup
    mockup downloaded from freecreatives.com
  • website landing page
    mockup downloaded from pixeden.com
  • website about page
    mockup downloaded from pixeden.com
  • website project page
    mockup downloaded from pixeden.com
  • Process

    Poster options:

    Delve is able to solve a wide range of problems due to a deep understanding of human behavior.
    These poster thumbnails represent several options I explored for delve’s advertising before I settled on a question and answer theme. Delve highlights their expertise by asking questions that imply answers, piquing the viewer’s curiosity.
  • Visual reference:

    I referenced popular science branding and information visualizations to inform delve’s identity.
    These are a few of the many strong examples of how to communicate science and complex concepts to the public in an approachable way. I knew I wanted delve to have a similar feel.
  • Logo experiments:

    Delve’s logo is professional and approachable, like the firm itself.
    The logo is a visual representation of the firm’s commitment to going below the surface. Its bright color and lowercase letters show that research doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating.