Junzi Kitchen (Collaboration Work)

  • Project Credits
    Architect - Xuhui Zhang
    Furniture Design - Kaichuan Wang
    Graphic Design - Ming Bai
    Lighting Design - Xiufang Zhao
    Photography - Yong Zhao
  • Junzi Kitchen is a fast food restaurant founded by a group of Yale alumni. Inspired by Chinese food, they serve bings and noodles. The first store is located at 21 Broadway, New Haven, CT.
  • In order to bring out a perfect environment for the particular style of food, the furniture system was specifically designed. The idea extended from my previous work A Dovetail but it went much further. 
    As a system furniture design for a Chinese fast food store, it demands durability, simplicity, efficiency, and also, a slight touch of culture and tradition. 
  • The design celebrates the beauty of materials and structures, and combines oriental and western esthetic taste. The basic color is light, natural hard maple and white walls. The plywood layers, especially the black layers of glue are exposed as a visual element, like rhythmical calligraphy on the canvas. I am very glad that the concepts were carefully executed to every tiny details.
    Plants add a lot of aliveness to the whole context, and brought green, which is the main color of this very brand, to the store. Junzi Kitchen stands for an efficient and healthy style of life, and please feel free to hit the link to check their website.
    If you ever find yourself around Yale in New Haven, CT, check them out!