Patterns, Pockets and Pleats

  • Over the three weeks of winter vacation, I decided to make a 4 outfit collection to build my sewing and pattern mixing skills. This mini-collection is also a continuation of my current goal of only owning patterned clothes. It includes a total of 8 pieces: two pairs of pants, a skirt, a long sleeved shirt, a half sleeve shirt, a short sleeved shirt, a tank and a pinafore dress. The clothes are intended for the transition from winter to spring because of the use of spring patterns and colorways in heavier weight fabrics. All fabric was purchased at Artéé Fabrics in Hudson, MA. 
  • Look 1: long sleeved shirt and pinafore dress
  • Look 3: matching long pleated skirt and tank top
  • Look 4: jogger-style pants and half-sleeve top
  • Model: Riley Embler 
    Photographer: Cayla Gao