Zara Paper Shoe Collection

  • I focused my Experiencing Objects studio final on proposing a discursive design that questions the growing role of fast fashion, disposability, and social responsibility, and so I created a tongue-in-cheek footwear collection entirely out of paper.
    I envisioned an ephemeral fashion line for Zara, a major retailer known for extreme efficiency in production and distribution. Constructed with at least 6 layers of paper, the shoes allow the user to tear off the outer layer if a fresh look is desired. The material limits use to only a few days, emphasized with an expiration time-frame of just a weekend. 
    Concept | Reminiscent of the 60s paper dress phenomenon, this dystopian design is for a future where disposability and fast fashion grossly reigns above all. 

    Process | concept development, experiments in paper construction, and a proposed ad campaign for Zara
  • Street Photography by Rebecca Richards