Concepts (Fall 2015)

  • For my first concepts assignment, I was supposed to create a piece that conveys a personal interpretation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. In this short comic, I've created a scenario in which the narrative of Frankenstein is an allegory for the birth of Western Society and its imperialist diplomacy (to clarify, present-day Western Society is basically an amalgam of previous world powers that were ultimately toppled, i.e. Rome).
  • This project was a response to a prompt entitled "Elevation of the Mundane," for which we were required to find a seemingly monotonous and/or inconsequential aspect of our daily routine and pay homage to it through a piece of artwork. My piece is based on the irony of the fact that I felt alienated when I was in a public park despite being surrounded by many people. In order to capture this concept, I juxtaposed a passage of incoherent text with a detailed self-portrait of myself writing. The aforementioned text functions as a metaphor for my trouble with making connections and effectively communicating.
  • The prompt for this particular assignment was to create a pattern. I opted to create a piece that functioned as a metaphorical pattern as opposed to a visual pattern. Specifically, this piece serves to illustrate the phenomenon, or "pattern," of false convictions in the United States justice system. I suppose that to some extent, this piece also constitutes a visual pattern in the sense that the inclusion of mugshots results in some semblance of visual repetition.