Food Inspired Knitwear Collection

  • Twizzlers, 2015, Mohair and Merino Wool
    first outfit is inspired by Twizzlers, type of a popular candy across the world. I wanted shows creaving for sweets while knowing the harmful effects on our body.  
  • Can I Get a Diet Coke Please?, 2015, Mohair, wool, and cotton
    Second outfit is inspired by combination of burgers and Diet Coke. The front of the shirt have a pattern that resembles hamburgers, but on the other side, it says "Can I Get a Diet Coke Please." So many people these days are always on a diet. I wanted to portray people's addiction towards being on a diet, while eating junk food.
  • Stomach, 2015, Merino Wool and Cotton
    Third outfit is covered with a pattern inspired by stomach. As the pattern is continued towards bottom, the stomach gets bigger. This dress shows how we sometimes eat exess amount of food unnecessarily.