Camouflage Project: Receipt Dress

  • Design, Fall 2014, Instructor: Nicholas Evans-Cato
  • Camouflage Project: Receipt Dress
  • A dress made of receipts, commenting on the excess of consumerism.
  • Prompt | Timeline: 1 Week
    Camouflage something.

    During Thanksgiving Break when this project was assigned, I observed mass consumerism during my visit to New York City, in which stores were crowded and streets flooded with people trying to receive Black Friday discounts. I became interested in looking at my own spending, and collected all the receipts I had stored in my room since the beginning of the semester. My dress is made of receipts, hot glue, and a zipper, located on the right side of the dress. The top part of the dress is woven entirely from receipts, while the bottom is made from a receipt framework where more receipts could be attached on. In my piece, I was interested in transforming the receipt into something that was not immediately recognizable. My project was intended as a commentary on growing consumerism, and how consumers often ignore how much they spend on unnecessary goods.
  • Photograph by: Nicholas Evans-Cato