22 Orchard Street

  • The left side shows the 1949 facade, while the right side shows the 2013 google street view version, complete with a mysterious man on the front lawn.
  • So much is going on in there! So many windows to peek into!
  • Stuffed dolls hand-sewn for interior - created by assembling in Photoshop different body parts from the old family photographs, then acetone transferring the assembled figure onto fabric. They're as posable as the real thing, thanks to wire armatures.
  • View from one door
  • Many different windows to view from!
  • Each window and each angle looking into the window gives a unique vignette into this family history.
  • Front windows cut with care to reveal interior scenes.
  • Many layers of happenings create this 2.5- and 3-dimensional space of unreality. 
  • A family inside!
    Front View ft. dramatic lighting
  • Back View
  • Back View
  • This family history house awaits your visitation. Come back for another visit soon!