• The craigslist.com room that inspired much of the direction and mood of the final piece.
  • This piece was inspired by the strange images and spaces that are created in digital worlds when things go awry. I focused on the eery overlap between the second and third-dimensions, when flat images and textures are bent and maniuplated to fill and create the illusion of space. Additionally, I am always inspired by found footage and imagery, and by contructing narratives between these disjointed elements. 
    I found the best rooms on craigslist.org to become the stage for found footage. These two-dimensional images were then broken and stretched onto three-dimensional planes between Blender and Photoshop. As the camera slowly walks through the space, the images' illusion of dimension gets warped onto the third axis of dimension, and the lost and found children of archive.org have a fun home to call their own.