F**k Content Notes

  • This project is a reinterpretation of Michael Rock's famous essay, Fuck Content. We were given the essay and instructed to create any printed piece of work using his essay that debates the importance of form versus content in design. I realized that as I read the essay, I would underline sentences that I found important and I would write along the pages as well. So I decided to incorporate my own voice by using my mark making and notes that I would normally create as I read. 
    When working on this project, I kept questioning whether I agreed or disagreed with Rock. I realized that his notion of form being the content of the designer is true, yet at the same time does it become disrespectful to the original content? Is my own mark making disregarding what Rock is saying or is it agreeing with his statement because I am putting more emphasis on the form? 
  • Thank you for viewing!