• The Kintech is a set of handcrafted gears, crankshafts, and supports that come together on a simple pegboard. These pieces can be put together to make just about anything a student can dream up, from a beautiful moving object to a flint sparker or a balloon pump. Each pegboard features a connector edge so multiple students can link up and share their machines.
    Through creating human powered gadgets, the Kintech stimulates students tactile senses and fine motor skills while also encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Further, students are able to grasp concepts of engineering while  exploring the spontaneity and creativity of design. This makes Kintech fall in line beautifully with the ideals of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) learning. The Kintech can be used in the classroom when topics of simple machinery are explained or at home as a learning toy.
    Each Kintech set comes with a booklet of activities for students to follow in order to initially understand the principles of gear-crankshaft mechanics. As students get more comfortable in assembly they are encouraged to create their very own add-ons from toy parts, chipboard, or even just tape. This chance for unique and individual add-on parts allow each student to gain sense of ownership over the machine they create. It pulls Kintech away from a sterile lesson and into a piece of uncommon art. 
    The hope in creating this toy was to spark a sense of wonder using the very simplest of materials and machinery. With the Kintech students assemble magical gadgetry that pushes their imaginations on a platform created to allow boundless exploration and fun. 
    This product was a collaboration with fellow RISD student Luis Trujillo. The Kintech was conceived with the help of hands-on experiments with middle schoolers around Providence, Rhode Island.