• I N S P I R A T I O N : 
    I wanted my piece to posess an air of sophistication and elegance through visual weight, despite the physical lightness of the material itself.  In relation to my chosen medium, a spider web in itself is a complex thing, and although intricate and bold, it is soft and light to the touch. Conceptually, spider webs are objects of destruction but also pieces of art, natural creations. 
    P R O C E S S :
    The process began with felting panels of webs without a technical plan our pattern-specific outline. Instead I approached the procedure as more of an organic/spontaneous endeavor that felt like piecing together a puzzle, although this dress was made directly on the dress form. Once the form took on a look I was satisfied with, I began piecing together the parts with thick white thread for both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. 
    Finally, I had to actually remove it from the dress form. I cut a slit from the under arm to the hip line so I could add an invisible zipper, allowing the model to slip in and out comfortably. 
    - A R A C H N I D -
  • P R O C E S S  / I N S P I R A T I O N :