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  • We were able to make work on a personal project this fall semester in type class so I decided to work on a calendar focusing on prominent graphic designers. But instead of focusing on designers often shown in graphic design textbooks, I wanted to highlight some designers who have inspired me and may one day end up in textbooks as well. 
    On the front I showcase the work of featured designers of the month and also bold the date of the birthdays of classic designers such as Paul Rand or Massimo Vignelli. 
    Featured Designers:
    Sulki and Min 
    Sagmeister and Walsh
    Labour NY
    Tauba Auerbach
    Caleb Bennett
    Voilaine and Jeremy
    Ken-Tsai Lee
    Zim and Zou
    Rison Parein
    Ruslan Khasanov
    Tracy Ma
  • Thank you Hammett Neurosi for his guidance and instruction. Thank you Ingrid Nelson for modeling. And Thank you for viewing!