What Are You Looking At?

  • What Are You Looking At?
    Wood, PETG, Screws, Conduit
    We live in an age of surveillance; we are always watched by others such as through surveillance cameras even without our notice. Surveillance culture is becoming global and accelerating its evolution. I remember security cameras appear at a crossing just to record all the cars that pass by when I lived in China. After I move to America, I see fake security cameras being sold in Home Depot. This is the moment I first realized that YOU ARE LYING TO ME. People rarely complain about the places where the cameras should be installed, no one really questions if those cameras work or not. This project includes fake surveillance camera made by natural wood and actual installation in public. I would like to challenge the utility and functionality of cameras and the relationship between security and privacy, public and private realization. Observing the social reaction to those fake cameras, I find that people do believe the cameras are installed by authority, not artists. By using the CMYK as the color scheme, I want to remind people of how public products can also relate to commercial advertising culture, challenging people with this question: what are you looking at and what is looking at you?