PEARL Parure

  • PEARL Parure is a set of three jewelry pieces, each with a distinct sensor-mediated personality. 
  • PEARL Ring
    The playful emoji reacts to color, according to a color sensor on the bottom of the ring. Granulated fine silver and a fused fine silver filigree adorn the ring. The LED color changes according to the sensed color as well. Instead of plastic covered copper wire, I used fine silver wire insulated with freshwater pearls.
  • PEARL Necklace
    The PIR sensor results in LED color changes and vibrations from the two small fine silver emoji. The piece uses more fine silver fusing, and continues playing with pearls as the wire connecting the circuit. Green onyx is set into the piece alongside the electronic components.
  • PEARL Earring
    The emoji reacts to motion, using the accelerometer adorned with a faceted cubic zirconia. It raises and lowers another, aquamarine-adorned emoji, as it reacts.