"What is Typography?" A Filmed Interview

  • This is an interview of people who are studying outside of the Graphic Design Department. I asked them to interpret the graphic design terms as: tracking, leading, rag, prime mark, justify, spread, widow, bleed, baseline, and bowl. I asked them to spell out the words before asking for their understanding of each term. They could explain in words or draw it out visually.
    This idea came along when I was working in studio one night without my earphones on. The conversation around the room is of people shouting their complaints, "Oh my god, look at the rag!"; "Hey, how does the leading look? Is it too tight?"; "Track that out more"; "Wait, how do I use the baseline?" Then, I thought, what would people in painting or jewelry, or any other major think of these conversations? Would they be able to understand?
    This piece was featured in the RISD Graphic Design Triennial 2015.