Feeling Filter interactive website (in progress)

  • I want to explore the possibility of using photo filter as media to communicate people’s emotion.
  • My first assumption is that color can evoke the synesthesia of emotion and emotion can affect our perception of the color. I want to do a research project to find out how people use color in their daily life, especially with their photos. Some people love to add filter to their photos. I am very interested in the way people photoshop their photos, and the filter they choose to add on their photos. I believe the filter they choose could be a way to show their feelings.
  • New York City Experiment.
  • Each card has two side: one side is photo, the other side is color pantone of the filter.
     I asked people to sort the photos into catagories based on the photo side, and then make change to their catagories after they turn the cards to the other side.. 
  • I did my experiments in Madison Square Park, New York.
  • I got very interesting results: When people sort the cards with the photo side, there are bigger chance for them to
    make change to their catagories after turning them to the color side.
    But if they sort the cards based on the color side, most people choose not to make change
    after they turn the cards to the photo side.
  • Step 1 :  Perception
    design a website for people to try to describe their emotion with filter by 
    changing the language we use for photo editing tools in order to change people‘s perception
    when they edit their photos.
  • I learnt Javascript, and build the website.
  • Instead of choosing the right "brightness",
    I want people to pay attention to their emotion states -- "whether they are smiling or not".
  • Website Experiment.
  • I asked people to photoshop their photos based on their emotion state when they took the photos.
  • I got some feedback. 
  • Step 2 :  Feeling detection
    I want to design an interactive installation to automatically generate filter
    based on the physiological symptoms
  • Use webcam to detect facial expression.
    And use facial expression to change the filter.
  • Use facial expression and Mindwave(brain activity) to control filter.
  • Use Mindwave to control "contrast".
    more focused = more contrast
    (see the result on the third slider bar)