Moolody -- Sound-Emotion Drawing Machine (in progress)

  • Week 1: build the original drawing machine
  • Week 2 : make sketch model to change to the original drawing machine
    I separate the two step moters, and make the paper spin.
  • Week 3 : continue to make physical change to the machine.
  • Using copper pipe to replace the wood board.
  • Week 4: Explore how to use sound to control the machine.
  • Use Pure data to read the pitch and volume of my voice.
    Separate my voice into different ranges.
    Use OSC to connect Pure Data with Processing.
  • Week 5 : Use Pure data to send data to Processing.
    Use Processing to control Arduino.
  • Use my voice to control the machine.
  • Find position for differernt pitches.
  • Week 6 : visual pattern exploration -- watercolor drop
  • Some explorations of how to play back the sound.
  • I tested 12v 6N solenoid, and connected with Arduino.
  • I bought two kinds of Pipettes. The glass one is 3ml, and the plastic one is 1ml.
  • I tried to use sloenoid to squeeze the pipettes, but it was too weak to push the water out. 
  • But the servo works. It is much stronger than the solenoid.