16 Men to Marry

  • "Create 16 cards that are double-sided, each with a single word from the list: asymmetry, contemporary, experimental, geometry, harmony, intricacy, magnitude, modern, movement, organic, ornamentation, proportion, simplicity, subtle, symmetry, uniformity. Tell a personal story with the cards."
  • Found, forgotten, found, yet new: these are the 16 men my mom has told (or inspired) me to marry. 
    Each was painted, scanned, then printed onto envelopes with letters in either my mom's or my own words. A selection of those quotes is below. 
  • "It is so nice that your father can fix the computers. You should have our husband be able to fix computers for your own children."
  • "It is very important to marry someone who likes the same foods that you do. Japanese men who marry beautiful white women often divorce because she cannot cook he food that he likes to eat."
  • "It is always good to find a man who understands politics. I never really understood American government."
  • "Find someone who enjoys to travel, Being able to experience the world is a very important thing to do."
  • "Find someone who can handle your own busy schedule. You want someone who can help you with taking kids to school and to other activities."
  • "Make sure you marrry a rich man. Too many people these days divorce because of money problems."
  • My mother loves to go bird watching. Now that my sister and I have moved out of the house we can no longer help her spot the cranes and swans she so loves. I hope one day to find a partner who shares my same love for the outdoors. 
  • With love,