• Canine Bench
    The Canine Bench is a three-dimensionally carved bench. Its form is inspired by the movement pattern of ocean waves and the physical anatomy of a canine. It was designed and carved in Providence, Rhode Island during the month of May, 2015.

    The Canine Bench's charm comes from its unique form. The focus of the bench design was to create a form that was not rectangular. Too often, designed furniture still reflects the rectangular stock that it was made from. While keeping the benefits that come from a 'rectangular' form, such as the sturdy balance that comes from four supporting legs, the Canine Bench removed all unnecessary references back to the unprocessed wooden stock.
    Design intentions included creating an organic form which was highly resolved and visually inviting. It also included comfortable seating, which is provided by a dynamically dished seat which transitions into a minimal backrest. 
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  • Process Photos : Method to form bench top, Sketches of left profile, Finding the optimal placement of the four legs
  • Process Photos : Marking and Carving the form