RISD Beach Gallery: Art and Stuff

  • Work done with Prax, Ipek, Ian, Anna, Xin and Alex.
    For this project, we used daylighting analysis tools to drive our design of a space with a public program. We decided our program would be a student art gallery on the site of the RISD Beach, which is a practical place to put a gallery. We then used DIVA for Rhino to design it based around daylighting, exploring how it could work with an artifical lighting scheme.
  • Part of our analysis was to create a scale model we could use to assess how accurate our daylight analysis was in comparison to  actual sunlight. The circular hole in the wall allowed us to take photographs of the interior of our space.
  • Interior view of our scale model, full of the Rothkos, Seurats and Van Goghs one would expect to find in a student art gallery.