[ JEWELRY ] Accident | Opportunity

  • Accident | Opportunity
    Hand-Sawed & Soldered Steriling Silver Sheets
    This ring project was assigned during my Summer Studies course Introduction to Jewelry Making. It was the first time I worked with sterling silver sheets and solder, after three weeks of constructing brass & copper objects through cold connection. The fear of making mistakes/accidents and the frustration of unable to perfect every single detail of my practice models made me almost want to give up. Yet at some point of the progress, I realize that this is an unavoidable learning process and mistakes, failures will teach you more than easy successes.
    The frustration and realization inspired me to design this special ring full of “mistakes”. The elements in this ring are abstracted/exaggerated representations of the mistakes I have made accidentally through the learning process. Each one meant an very important lesson for me and only after them I was able to be inspired and create the final piece. 
    An accident is always an opportunity.
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