Sensory Stories

  • Designed the identity and wayfinding system for the exhibition Sensory Stories at the Museum of the Moving Image. The exhibition curated new methods of storytelling—ones that engage all the senses. Thus the design explores and reflects the tone of a human sensorial experience.
  • The exhibition took place throughout all three floors of the museum. This provided a challenge in creating a cohesive exhibition experience. As a solution, the amorphous shapes were placed on the walls as a guiding motif.
  • The exhibition map was in the form of a fortune teller that facilitated discovery during the viewing experience through chance. Viewers interact by choosing specific senses that they want to activate. The resulting multi-sense icon, made bespoke for the show, matches up to an art piece.
  • Designed at Sub Rosa for the Future of Storytelling
    Art Director: Christina Latina
    Strategist: Margot Coffey
    Designer: Michelle Ando