FDM Ribbon Microphone

  • The Stereolithography Ribbon Microphone made earlier was revisited to be made more accessible. By only selecting in house manufacturing options, this product will no longer be limited or reliant on any outside fabs aside from materials sourcing.
    Previously, stereolithography as a production method yielded higher quality parts over cost and turn around time. This anxiety alone was the major reason why more of these were not produced and used. Now that this redesign was constrained to low cost ABS Fused deposition modeling (FDM), it can now be produced and assembled by any individual in any location that has a basic desktop Filament 3D printer.
    Assembly anxieties are minimized by reducing the number of required fasteners. Inspired by Japanese joinery techniques, this microphone is rigidly held together by sliding geometries for a stronger and more rigid frame. Assembly is also a joy now that meticulous screws are minimized.
    The slider styled assembly allows for complete field tare-down without any exotic tools aside from ones fingers. This allows for rapid modifications to the body such as different handle types or baffle and puff guard accessories.
    Using Edcor U.S.A made transformers and N52 grade neodymium magnets, quality levels are reached with commodity off the shelf components.