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  • Prom :)))
    best way to describe prom? :)  Honey with the straight bangs, honey with the black hair and pieces hanging down on the sides, honey with the wide face.  You and Honey three feet away from me moving slick and wall-pressed sorry HAHA food excellent! chicken plate excellent! but you and Honey three feet away from me! open-mouthed slurping like she is your backyard sugar maple. Prom is a prom idk :((
    56 x 60 probably
    oil and acrylic on canvas 
  • Untitled (That Was Kinda Rude)
    oil on canvas
    72 x 56
  • Honey Happy
    When I ask my mom if I'm going to hell I'm too old for her to say "no" with conviction.
    oil on canvas
    46 x 60
  • Cute AND Functional!
    acrylic and charcoal on canvas
    46 x 60