The Pieta: A book of paratext

  • This book is a story of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, The Pieta and other pieces. The original text is written by Dr. Josef Vincent Lombardo, published in New York, in 1965. 
    I redesigned this text to a new book, to explore the idea of paratext. In this book it tells a story without any of the primary text. I removed every main text, as well as images, leaving only the paratext. Paratext, the things considered as assistance, still can tell its own narrative. Because the story of Michelangelo is so well known, one still can see – or guess what is the story, and the images in the book. If Michelangelo or The Pieta were not that famous, one might never notice what is going on in the book. But, background knowledge of the story of these works can also be considered as paratext.