Apple Watch Holder Concept to Product

  • This apple watch holder is also a dock for charging using the wireless battery. The chord is managed and wound around the device. 
  • This case is meant to also allow for various components to travel, with a slot to hold a plug. 
  • The chord is managed via very specific slots on the device.
  • The apple watch snaps into the top cap, which snaps into the body of the hub. 
  • This is what the device looks like without the charger. 
  • Another concept for a charger-only holder where one part of the device slides out. The charger snaps into place in the holder. 
  • The charging area sits almost flush so that it is possible to place the watch over the battery to charge. 
  • View of the other side of the charger, where the plug can be held and the USB can be slotted and secured into the holder.