Prism Chair

  •  Prism Chair
    Cranbrook Academy of Art in collaboration with Herman Miller Inc.
  • In a collaborative office there is an inherent need for meaningful space for ‘time out’ from teamwork, this can be accomplished by designating personal individual space. Personal space away from the group is an important part of the new collaborative office, as a way for the individual worker to break away from the busy, noisy, distracting work place and attend to personal emails and phone calls, focused reading, and even rest. This need for personal space can be accomplished through the use of a seating solution that adapts to fulfill the needs of both concentration and rest. This seat performs the functions of both a reading/ lounge chair and reclines to facilitate place for rest, i.e. a barcalounger (La-Z-Boy), allowing the user to determine the function that best facilitates their needs.
    The prism chair is a seating solution that enables the user to define the amount of rest or concentration that is needed. When the chair is in an upright position the sides are bent outwards to allow for an open and approachable seating space, but once the user begins to recline the side fold upwards hiding the occupant from surrounding distractions. The chair is accompanied with an ottoman and light.
  • Prism Chair Position One: Upright
    This position allows the user physical space from others, while not completely disengaging from the surrounding environment. This position also allows for easy use of laptops and tablets.

  • Prism Chair Position Two : Lounge
    This position allows for the user more concentration and separation from the surrounding environment. This position allows for more focused reading and possibly rest.

  • Prism Chair Position Three : Reclined
    This position allows for the most separation from the surrounding workspace and facilitates rest. The tall sides allow the user a sense of visual seclusion.