Sketches about the family

  • These sketches are about my family and traditions.
    Some of them have already transformed into watercolors, paintings and illustrations.
  • "Buscando la estella" (searching for the star) is a family tradition from Colombia in Nochebuena (Christmas eve). All the kids go with some unlces and grown ups to search for the star that is bringin Baby Jesus.
  • Any family gathering revolves aroudn food and children in my family. This scene depcits a memory from Christmas eve - Nochebuena.
  • Any given afternoon, aunts and moms will get together to chat, gossip and drink coffee.
  • Growing up all the grown ups used to play cards while all the children were playing — "Los Niños se cuidand solos" .
  • "Abuela"
  • "Tarde de café y chismes"
  • "Tree of children"