Emerge Wall Pockets

  • Emerge.

    Emerge wall pockets are slip-cast wall pieces inspired by ordinary objects, such as vases and bowls, that have been altered to enhance their the beauty of the form.

  •       Matte, white, ceramic shapes protruding and tiled upon a wall. Each one carefully placed beside the other, composing a pleasant gridded pattern on the underutilized, vertical surface. The shadows stretching over the organic curves emphasize their forms, allowing a familiarity to emerge. Ordinary everyday objects have been sectioned off and veiled, as if by a blanket of snow. As their bodies seamlessly blend into the flat plane behind them, they are forcing a closer look and a deeper consideration. Are these forms emerging from the wall, stretching to escape, or are they fading in, disappearing and allowing their details to slip away and dissolve into the background?
          An opening is located within each tile, just where you would expect, reassuring that even though the familiar vessels are not what they once were, they do not forget their intrinsic purpose. The objects’ distortion of comforting forms raises questions about a dichotomy between the familiar and the unknown, the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, the vague and the specific. As a series of moves pushing the tiles sequentially into the right position, a square chamber is revealed beneath them. Just as it seems each secret within the object has been discovered, another compartment revealed contains more than meets the eye. A deeper cavern is exposed, altering assumptions that had already been made of it and leaving the viewer to reconsider their previous thoughts and actions.
  • Materials.
          Each piece in the series was slip-cast in a high-fire white stoneware. The surface features a light, satin glaze to preserve the objects' muted form without the distraction of color, texture, or sheen. 
  • Design process.
          Several methods for creating the positives for each design were explored, including wooden forms, foam, and the use of existing objects.