Radical Constructs

  • Radical Constructs
    Rhode Island School of Design,  Architecture
    Thesis Preparation, Part III
    [adj. rad-i-kuh l]
          /of or going to the root or origin; fundamental
    [n. kon-struhkt]
          /an image, idea, or theory,
           especially a complex one formed from a number of simpler elements
    To create an architecture, but not a building; to make a drawing, but not a detail; to design space, but without existing bounds. Analytically studying architecture, in its purest sense, as space and form, can spawn alternative ideas and conventions. Rather than designing to build a building, concepts and techniques will be built through architectural design. Liberated from the shackles of convention, rise brilliant spaces that have yet been dared to be imagined. Curiosities are to be sought out and discoveries welcomed. 
    This project becomes a way of thinking, seeing, and understanding relationships within space and how they can be analyzed, organized, and diagnosed. Through drawing, technical practices will be challenged by creating a project as a platform for experimental and radical space. The project is an analytical projection of what a construct can be, independent of the representation of what it is. A project in which the space will be informed by the drawings, rather than the drawings being of the space.