Signet Septum Ring

  • Taking the multi-millenia old understanding of the signet ring and placing it in the contemporary.  Signet Septum takes a signet at a literal face value stamping selfies, social images and messaging in the way signet once marked wax.
  • The sterling silver signet ring with a 14ga stainless steel clicker and 20 year old Australian opal is comprised of two segments. The primary septum piece utilises the October birthstone of opal as part of a personal stamp. The second and larger segment, which pressure fits on, takes an abstracted eagle form as well as star and antlers to reference both German and American eagles with a more nuance referenced to the Michigan state animal. 
  • This septum works in a new social construct of formal presence and how we present ourselves to the world, including the potential burden or construct of our lineage.  This weight is evident when worn, referencing the pulling of bulls nose rings to control and maintain them, showing the similarity of siring animals and raising kin. 
  • The Signet Septum Ring means to function on numerous social cues both historic and contemporary in a time when body jewellery has reached a new level of expectancy and appreciation in the western world.