• Very early concepts for the brain.  We decided to make him even more shape based and more irritable.
  • Initial designs for the brain and heart.  We cut out the brain's mouth because he never speaks during the animation; we also cut out the eyes of the heart because we felt it better portrayed him as an antagonist along with the red blood cells.
  • Initial designs for the heart cavity and red blood cells.  Not much changed, other than cutting off their legs.
  • Initial boards for the animation.  We cut out quite a bit due to time constraints, but it was for the better.
  • I modeled and shaded the brain character, as well as various misc. items.
    Captions include what I contributed and completed.
  • Animation of the brain.
  • Camera movement, lighting and animation of the heart, red blood cells, and cavity.
  • Animation of the brain and door.
    Animation for the final scene, incl. heart, brain, red blood cells.  Lighting and camera movement were also completed by me.