Sink Side, Salt Pile

  • I grew up in a Catholic household, went to catholic school from kindergarden to Highschool.  Through that process I found myself extremely suspicious of the foundational ideas surrounding what I was being taught about existence and what it means to be a person in society.  Now I find that it's extremely hard for me to stomach that sense of absolute existence embodied in religion. For me the drastic change from Catholocism to Atheism made stand face to face with the fragile nature of my existence, and compare the materials of my body to the materials of the world. I feel like the bathroom is a place where people ask the most questions about their bodies, or at least where I ask myslef question about my body.  It's where you pick at your scabs, have a look up your nose, stretch your cheeks and peek at the mysterious furling folds beneath your tongue.  It's where the materials of your body become apparent, and definite.  For me this piece addresses that consideration with regards to death.  Salt is an embalming material, but it is also a material regularly expelled by the body.  For me a salt pile could be a representation of a life cycle.  Its a symbol of bodily consumption and expulsion.