Stack Modular Shelves

  • Stack.

    Stack is a modular shelving system designed not only to give flexibility in their arrangement, but to provide a graphic element within the shelves themselves.

  •      A room is divided, separated by a network of flat surfaces and energetic colors. The array of various shapes reaches high and wide, filling the space with familiar geometries found in the form of skewed squares and six-sided polygons. Each end of the formation consists of a series of leaning wooden panels colliding into one another at opposing angles.  Their shadows form the facade of a column of folds as they are cast beneath the facets.
          The structure appears to be separated into a pattern of hexagonal compartments, outlined by intersecting beveled edges and intended to create a space for display. Each section perfectly fits with those beside it, bringing to mind the process of laying a series of bricks or the tessellations of a geometric puzzle. They appear to have been stacked together, allowing a variety of configurations and color combinations to alter the framework’s created environment.
          With a closer look, the illusion of a familiar three-dimensional form appears within each six-sided segment. The cubic guise is further emphasized by an opening in the back of each section, peering through to the other side. A space that is often overlooked, that within a shelf, is set in a new light, no longer ignored. The visuals created by simple and recognizable forms and colors give this seemingly ordinary object more consideration and depth.
  • Details.
          A pattern of polygons within each hexagonal compartment visually divide the spaces and produce a cubic guise. The illusion of a familiar three-dimensional form found within Stack creates interest in a space often overlooked, that within a shelf.  In addition, the use of a different bright color featured in each unit along with the modular nature of the system allow for a variety of combinations and configurations. 
  • Design process.
        Several steps were taken in the development of this modular shelf design. The process began with the inspiration to incorporate color and pattern into a functional storage system. Ideation led to a design which was tested as two, full-scale models before construction of the final pieces.