• This thesis explores new ways to find design inspirations and opportunities from obsessive daily observations. It also states and solves design problems by making objects. 
  • FILL-IN 1 
    Hardwood, UV Print
    FILL-IN 2 
    Hardwood, UV Print
    “For your last minute workout”
    Even with this minor accounting error performed by my wearable device, I still sometimes fail to achieve my daily goal. It’s because I haven’t moved enough during the day. In addition to the data synched with my wearable device, I’ve designed an object which motivates me to work out and achieve my daily goal. 
    Hardwood, Plywood, Spray Paint
    “For a Better Studio Visit Experience”
    For a better timed studio visit experience, I designed a bench with a timer. 
    Hardwood, Plywood, UV Print, Plexi Glass, Bronze
    “The most Efficient Wardrobe in the Morning”
    To minimize my daily effort, I designed a wardrobe that I can store all the things I need during the day. Starting from small objects like glasses to shoes, every item is stacked in a same wardrobe from the top to the bottom. I do this so that I can prepare everything without searching around the room for it. Therefore, this wardrobe helps me to maximize my time in the morning.