Neil Niren MD : Half Moon Ware-wolf

  • The Half Moon Ware-wolf is an interesting project made by Dr Neil Niren himself. He explains that almost all of the sculptor artists are focusing on human appearances or full ware-wolf ones, that they forgot to make a "picture" of the proces in between. This is something very rare says he, because it displays a human barely transforming into a wolf on a 50% lunar reflection. Neil Niren MD says that he chose grey matter as the exclusive material for sculpting.
  • Neil Niren MD is a board certified dermatologist and he is considered an expert in diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions of the skin. Neil Niren MD runs his own dermatology practice in Pittsburg where he concentrates on providing patient-centered skin care and cosmetic practice.
    Dr Niren MD is recognized for his commitment to his patients and his great sensitivity to their needs. In his free time he enjoys playing board games with his family.