3D Printed - Hand drawn mini sculpture

  • This hand drawn mini sculpture has been done my Mr. Neil Niren on his spare time. One of his patients, who is an expert in 3D modeling has seen his drawings and offered him to make a 3D model that is going to be made out of plastic. Neil agreed immediately and so, this hand drawn ghoul has received a special treatment - 3D Printing...
    Neil Niren MD is certified dermatologists in private practice, with expertise in skin care including acne, Acne Rosacea, Melanoma, psoriasis, skin cancer, mosh surgery.   
    His professional career is focused on trying to improve patient care and make progress with new effective treatments and diagnostic technologies. Dr Niren has participated in several skin disease diagnostic studies and has been published in many peer-reviewed papers.
    As a visiting professor and scholar, Neil Niren MD is frequently cited and invited to participate in national and international conferences.
    Dr Neil Niren MD is also actively involved in training fellows, residents and medical students.