Escapist's Stratagey: A Labyrinth for Theseus

  • An Architecture Thesis project created by Jai Bunnag in 2015. 
    The project draws relationships to heroism, narrative and escapism through a series books of 99 images of terrains that evoke the feelings of clearly artificial constructed landscapes referencing egress, train stations, theaters and the red string of fate.
    The architecture and organization of the labyrinth is based on the line of an unravelling ball of string which is also diagram for Joseph Campbell's hero's journey. So as it unrolls, it creates specific rhythm of rooms relating to a portion of that journey: status quo, rebirth, departure etc.
    We, traveling in the shoes of our hero are forced to inhabit each and all of these ordered cycles of unknown heroes. Poor Theseus, pulled willfully into the world of stories, books, movies and games; never to return and complete HIS journey.