• The Camera Desk is a design / art that through a common piece of furniture attempt to provoke people into rethinking the temporality of everyday objects, and to raise awareness of preversation of our personal, intimate time. The main project it belongs to is about   strengthening the bond between objects and time by making a series of objects / behaviors that are more sensitive to time.
    Inspired by photography, Camera Desk applies the mechanism of a film camera and an antique photographic process called cyanotype. Capturing images through the appearance of objects on its desktop, the desk is transferred into a slow analog camera. Two knobs in the front allow you to reel and wrap the ‘film’, a pre-processed paper roll installed in the carcass. Exposed paper on the top will record the activities happened on the desktop by showing shadows / outlines of things.
  • Sketch and mock-up
  •   Making Process