• 1016 is a Fall/ Winter childrenswear collection inspired by Jean De Brunhoff’s picture book, The Story of Babar the Little Elephant. Babar joins society in Paris after escaping from the hunter who killed his mother. “So many things are new to him! The broad streets! The automobiles and busses! However, he is especially interested in two gentleman he notices on the street. He says to himself: “really, they are very well dressed. I would like to have some fine clothes too!” Just as Babar's clothing made him feel more comfortable in his new environment, I believe that children’s clothing has the ability to instill the intrinsic qualities of elephants: strength and wisdom to make children feel grownup and confident.
    My collection, 1016, consists of traditional garments that combine fine, luxurious fabrics such as silk and cashmere with bold prints to create whimsical tailored garments for children. 
  • Photography: Matt Francis Photos