The Emerald Cartesian

  • The Emerald Cartesian: 
  •            This project consists of communicating the complexity of motion over time. It's the generation of an input model into an output form. The project covers a section of a longer chain with other individuals' objects transitioning from one to the next. Ultimately, the project serves as an exploration of form. With audio and strong graphics as essential tools, its purpose is to amplify the beauty and intricacies of a moving abstract form- the biggest challenge being achieving this in no more than 30 seconds. 
  • Concept 1
  • Concept 2
  • Concept 3
  • Concept 4
  • Concept 5
  • Final Output Form
  • Final Input Form
  • Animation Process
  •        Various Playback videos illustrating the differenet steps taken to arrive to a resolved outcome.
  • Trial Renders
  •       Physical sun and sky applied through Mental Ray plug-in on these renders to give a sense of reality in space by casting blue shadows and orange light.
  • Creating Audio
  •         Creating the audio for my video consisted of recording sounds that could easily be fabricated by me and then editing them to speed up, slow down, amplify or decrease tones. Using a small selection of recording but many edited versions of them allowed for a certain conformity in the final track.
  • Here's an example of on of the sound effects I used where the simple act of rolling a phone on a table gave the illusion of a wind whirl sound when sped up: 
  • Track after being sped up: 
  • Other sound effects used: 
  • A plastic card rubbing against a plastic box
  • A metal rod hitting a metal post
  • Sucking in into the microphone
  • Blowing into the microphone
  •  Here's a peak at my sound editing process in Adobe Premiere Pro:
    The Emerald Cartesian: Final Video