• "Welcome Home", Plaster, Elmer's Glue, Foam Board, Cardboard boxes, Carpet, Interactive html/css/javascript,
    65 x 98 x 80 inches, 2015.

    We look for comfort in our objects and places. 

    There is always a reason or a motive that causes one to claim ownership of them. I am intrigued by the psychology engrained in the idea of authority and privacy in an interior space. ‘Welcome Home’ references a domestic space that convenes around an interactive web html - an array of furniture-like icons to drag and arrange inside one of the four rooms from which to select, or any area inside the screen - featuring on the side, white plaster household items sitting on beige, apartment carpet. The space explores the notions of everyday and its framing of the user’s interiority through the casual, yet intimate interaction with the virtual and physical spaces: How and why does one make association with the object or image? Why does it feel familiar or distant? Inspired from children’s sticker books where beautifully decorated rooms wait to be filled with furniture and accessories, the player has moments of fun arranging the “home” just as he wants with the objects. 

    The portrayals of the ordinary reiterate something fundamental about the way that we stage our daily lives.
    We talk to ourselves through daily routines and objects we use; and unconsciously they shape our character and identity.
    In a way, “everyday” is a fragment of our innermost character, and the most sincere and honest way of looking into oneself.
    My interactive installations originate from a desire to preserve the everyday and give authority to ordinary items and places.

  • The Main Page of the Interactive html/css/javascript
  • The Four Rooms from which to select, and then drag the plaster-object icons into the selected room.

  • Rainy Day Version

  • Players' Interactions with the html

  • Thank you for viewing